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α release by Andy Nguyen

Download files to use on your site :: Release 1c, October 24, 2007

Edit pl.xml. In order for the SWF to reference the XML file, keep the "pl.xml" file name as-is.

Source code

Available by case-by-case request.

Note: You need Flash 8 Professional or above. Actionscript experience helps.

Tested limitedly

Please help out by reporting any errors to

Future improvements:

  • Make the playlist items more readable, especially if there are long titles.
  • Highlight the current track playing with either an icon or make the other selections "opaque"
  • Make the playlist scrollable if you have more than n number of songs.
  • Read ID3 information
  • Resolve progress/seek bar bugs
  • Update XML to standards. ECMAScript for XML (E4X).